Educate All Children to Learn, Thrive and Grow

Dorene Dominguez ’85
Chair, Vanir Group of Companies
Chair, The Dominguez Dream

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

Americans would agree that the recent presidential campaign has divided the country. While there is not one issue that is to blame, the recurring problems surrounding education, healthcare, and immigration continue to plague our country. The many protests that ensued after the election results provide a clear example of how we as Americans are fighting now, more than ever, for what we believe in. Americans must come together once again for the sake of our country, our families, and our friends and neighbors.
America is a country of immigrants. A country where opportunity exists to reach dreams. As the chairman of the public nonprofit “The Dominguez Dream,” we envision a world where every child has an equal opportunity to learn, thrive, and grow. We aim to empower children in underserved communities to achieve their full potential through Literacy and S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). For many of the families that we work with, education is the key to success and what will make their dreams come true.
The Dominguez Dream seeks to bring unity to the communities we work in. We do so by bringing educational programing to elementary school students and intervene at an early age to ensure that students are at grade level competency by the time they reach third grade. Students develop skills in collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. We involve the parents and empower them to be advocate in their children’s education. We bring together phenomenal principals and teachers and share best practices.
By working together through the sharing of ideas, we build a foundation for success. We develop leaders in students, parents, and administrators so that we leave a lasting impact in every community we touch. By replicating this model throughout the country, we will begin to see the strength of all Americans. We cannot divide, we cannot build walls, we cannot turn each other away. We must seek out those that need our help and work together to identify solutions and bring forth change.

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